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August 11, 2018
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August 16, 2018

What is Angular JS

Angular JS is open source Model View Controller type structural most popular front-end web application framework which is similar to Java Script developed by google in 2012. It is widely used for developing cross-platform mobile app. As we add other JavaScript file to an Html page, same as we can add angular JS file. When the Webpage is loaded it start automatically. Angular JS is server and browser friendly framework.

Features of Angular JS:-         

  1. Provide inbuilt filters for data manipulation.
  2. Provide client side validation.
  3. MVC architecture provide the good flexibility.
  4. Provide unit testing
  5. Provide fully functional web application because it reduce the amount of JavaScript.
  6. It extends HTML with the ng-directives
  7. Routing
  8. Dependency Injection
  9. Provide cross –platform development.

Advantages of Angular JS

Big Community support: – It maintained by the Google team. Google provide the best class engineer and community support that’s the reason people love to working on the angular JS.

Two-way Data binding: – Angular JS provide the two way data binding facility. It provide the basic synchronization of data between model and view. Angular is working on the MVC architecture.

Single page application: – Angular JS provide the capability to provide the fast single page application.

Less Coding: – It provide the more functionality over the Java script.

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