On Page SEO Update for 2019

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On Page SEO Update for 2019

2019 is on the way, and marketing expert finding for new trends of digital marketing and basically for on-page SEO. They want to know about the new update of on-page SEO technique. Everyone wants to know which thing gives more benefits and what new thing we can do in the On-Page SEO technique. In this article, talk about the new trends and technique of On Page SEO which will give more benefits in the year 2019.


Great quality content always helps in SEO. The quality of content attract a user and also provide high search ranking. This thing not only helps in on page SEO but also in off page SEO. Let’s understand the on-page SEO Technique that is more effective in 2019.

Unique content

Any website doesn’t rank on the search engine until it has great content to show. Unique content always put a great impact on the viewer. It not only increase the visitors on the website but also enhance a site ranking and give more visibility. Check your content, if you found that your content is duplicate, change it right away.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are still so important for on-page SEO because this is the first impression for a visitor. If a visitor like your site title and description, defiantly he/she click on the site URL. A great quality Meta title and description put more impact on the site ranking and also show different from others.

Image Optimization

An image name like photo1, photo2, photo3 doesn’t give negative ranking but it doesn’t have any benefits too. If you write a clear name description and alt tag for the image it helps in ranking. So every time when you upload any image on your site, try to write the proper name and Meta tag.

Header tags

H1, H2 tags are still important for on-page SEO. Make sure the title name of your every page is in H1 tag and check other subheadings, are they in the proper format or not?

Add summaries

Summaries are the conclusion of a blog, in other words, it is a short form of your complete long blog. It includes all the information that is required in small words.


A creative design always attracts a user. How a design look and what customer feel when they use the application first time? This thing matters a lot. User Interface and User Experience both elements are crucial for any application because of both of work together. For an example, if you build a website with beautiful animation and features but a user stuck somewhere on the website or your design is not so good, in both cases, visitors gives negative feedback and that thing reduce your ranking in search engine.


Are you providing necessary audio, video and image content on your site? In the present decade, multimedia is a necessary part of any website. When you add some audio-video content it creates a good impact on the users.

Page Speed

Did you check your website page speed? If not, check first because page speed is the essential part of on-page SEO. A user doesn’t want to open a website that just loading and loading….. Always check the page speed and if your site takes more time to open or any function which take more time open, try to solve that problem on high priority.

Social Network

Social Media play a vital role in SEO because people love to share interesting things. Add social media in your web pages.


What are the benefits of a site which doesn’t find on the search engine? When google visit your website it called crawling and when Google gives ranking to your site pages that called indexing.


A sitemap is an important factor for on-page SEO. A sitemap is the easiest way to crawl your website pages. You can also call it a roadmap of any website. In the sitemap, we include all the pages of the website in the XML format. A search engine sees the sitemap of any website and indexed all the pages containing it. You can manually upload the sitemap using google webmaster.

Schema Markup

You can add any schema markup to your site. This markup includes the details of your HTML page. Schema markup help in the Google ranking.


Apart from this, so many On-page SEO techniques are available, which will give you a very effective result in search engine ranking. Try all that. On-page and Off-page both SEO technique are necessary for ranking. Try to solve all the technical issues of your site because sometimes we do many efforts for site ranking but we don’t get the desired result.

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