New on-page SEO factors for 2019 -Update

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July 11, 2019
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July 12, 2019

New on-page SEO factors for 2019 -Update

As we know that backlinks are the biggest ranking factor in Google but it depends on your page authority. When your website content is properly optimized with on-page SEO then we can say that your page will rank in top google results. In our previous blog, we summarized some of the on-page SEO techniques which are working in 2019. In this blog, we will discuss all the on-page SEO technique with examples. In this article, you can find the answers of those questions which is generally come in everyone’s mind. Let’s start.

  • Title Tag

Title tag put more impact on page ranking. As you know many websites are ranking on the first page just because of strategic keyword planning. Title tag grouped with some keywords. If you add high-search volume keywords in the title tag, so the chances of getting high rank are comparatively high. Because your websites title tag represents your website. If you write a content which is according to a visitor’s keyword, we can say the chances of getting click is 100%. When you write the title tag, you should know the right strategy, like you should place the high searching keywords at the beginning of the line. If will create a great impact. For example, a user is searching for “fat loss tips”. You can put this keyword in your title tag in many ways.


–    Fat Loss Tips | Best weight loss tips |

–    Best Fat Loss Tip |


There are so many ways to put the keywords in the title tag but a tag which start with the keyword getting high rank as compare to others.

What Google does when you write more than 70 characters in the title tag?

The limit of title tag according to google is 60 to 70 keywords but do you know? What Google do when someone writes more than 70 characters? Everybody wants to know the answer of these questions?

When you wrote more keywords in the title tag it will not put a negative impact on the ranking. Google bot only shows the first 60 characters from your tag and leave other characters. It doesn’t mean that you write more keywords, so you will get a negative ranking. But somehow it helps in ranking.

Apart from this, there are so many factors which are responsible for a high rank.

  • Description Tag

After the title tag, a description tag is also an important tag. The character limit of your description tag is 155 to 160 character, but as you now know, you can write more character into it. But make sure you add the high searching keywords under the 100 character. When you add high volume keywords in the description tag, it creates a good impact on the user and as well as on ranking. Many websites don’t prefer title and description tag into their website. Some of them are big brands, so sometimes they don’t require that but if you want a good position in the search index, you should add these tags in your website.

  • Keywords

From a few years, Google doesn’t add META keywords in ranking factor. Because many websites write same keywords in there keywords tag.

  • Image Optimization

Many people think image optimization is not necessary, because it doesn’t help in ranking but when you add high volume keywords with image, it will get the high result in google image search. So it is necessary to write “Alt” and “Title” tag.

  • URL (SEO Friendly)

“URL” and “SEO Friendly URL” both terms different. A short and complete URL is SEO friendly URL. There are many URL which is long or content some character, this URL not put a good impression on the user and also not help in ranking. Many URL content date and year, these are also not SEO friendly.

  • Multimedia Post

So many posts are present on the web which not include any image or video. Images and videos make any post creative. People love to read any interesting post and images and videos make any post impressive. So every time when you post an article try to add images or videos.

  • H1, H2, H3 Tag

H1 tag is a subheading or a second title tag of your page. Some framework like WordPress automatically adds your title to H1 tag. H2 and H3 tag are also important. But be sure you add H1 tag in your website.

  • Page Loading Speed

A visitor doesn’t spend their valuable time on those websites which take more time to open. A fast and creative site always getting more visitors than other sites.  Try to minimize all your “CSS” and “JS” file which take more time to open.

  • Modifiers in Title Tag

We cannot write a whole sentence in the title tag, but people searching long keywords in the search bar. So Modifiers are the best way to get ranking. Some basic modifiers like “Best”, “Top”, “How”, “Guide”, “Review”, “2019”.

Those are some modifiers when we add this modifier in the title tag, Google gives high ranking in the search index.

  • Social Sharing Buttons

Social media is a very powerful tool nowadays. People spend their lots of time on social sites also people love to share they like. When a user like your post, many time they share it to their friends because they think it will also help others. Social sharing button on the website also helps to get more visitors from social sites.

  • Content

We already know the power of content. But there is another thing which I want to add. Do you know about quality content? Quality content manse a content which includes high volume keywords. When you write an article or blog about a topic try to search for some high volume keywords at the beginning. Long content always getting high search ranking. An article around 1600 to 1800 words are great. Google always gives high priority to long content. Article around 300 words are so lengthy and as a user, you didn’t want to read the whole blog. So, always try to write good content in fewer words.

  • Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a conversion rate killer. When a user visits a page and without spending time back to the previous page, it’s a sign that your content is not quality content. Google see the bounce rate and decrease the website ranking. To minimize the bounce rate, you have to work on the content and also on internal linking.

  • Latent Semantic Indexing

LSI keywords are those words which are used along with the targeted keywords. As an example, if you write a blog on “weight loss” then you would add some keywords like “fat loss”, “diet”, “calories” etc., these are LSI keywords. When Google see your content and these keywords so it gets confident that the content is quality content and Google provide high ranking to that page.

  • Internal Linking

Internal Linking is a great way to engage a visitor. When a visitor read a blog and if they found something interesting that she wants to know something about that, they click on it, and it is a great way to engage your visitor on your site. This technique also helps to increase quality traffic on site.

  • 404 Not found

It is an irritating page and no one wants to see. When a visitor clicks a link on your site and he/she found this page, the chances of close that window is higher. To clear thing, you have to correct all the internal links of your website.

  • Sitemap

A sitemap is the index of your website. Always put sitemap on the bottom of your page. When Google bot comes to your site, it sees the sitemap and scans all the pages which are mention on the sitemap.

  • Robot.txt

When Google bot comes to site it first scan robot.txt file. It is a text file which contains the information about a website like which pages have to crawl and which is not.


These are some important on-page SEO technique which is necessary for all websites. Try these techniques in your page and get high ranking in google search.

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